Clever Dog®After-sales services

To guarantee your interests, please read the content as follows carefully:

Ⅰ、Warranty Service

1. Return Service

Within 7 days since the receipt of goods, we provide a service of refunding or replacement for the quality problem tested and confirmed by sale service engineer.

2. Replacement Service

Within 30 days since the receipt of goods, we provide a service of replacement and maintenance for the quality problem tested and confirmed by sale service engineer.

3. Maintenance Service

Within 1 year since the receipt of goods, our company will provide free maintenance for the stoppage according to the warranty clauses.

After the warranty period, our company continues to offer the technical service, but replacing the spare parts, our company only charge for material and service fee.

4. Timed commitment

Since the day our company received the product, we will repair or replace in 5 days.(the shipping time will not included)

Ⅱ、Warranty Scope

The following situations need compensated maintenance during warranty Period, please attention:

1. Malfunctions or injures caused by abnormal installment, operation and maintenance.

2. Without authorization, alter, tear up the barcode.

3. The product model and system in the warranty service card is different from the information the product itself.

4. Beyond the period of replacement and warranty.

5. Malfunctions or injures caused by teardown and repair without company’s authorization.

6. Malfunctions or injures during transportation or transit.

7. Malfunctions or injures which are not caused by the technology, design, manufacturing and quality .

8. Malfunctions or injures caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, fire, flood and thunderstrike.

9. Malfunctions or injures caused by accidents or man-made, such as input unsuitable voltage, high temperature, and etc

Ⅲ、Product Repair Way

1. before you send the device to us, please contact our after-sale service engineers to confirm product failures;

2. You can also visit, and contact our after-sale service engineers to seek for technical support.

3. please fill in the product after-sales service card before mailing the user stub.

Please contact the original seller and ask for after-sales service. If there’s quality problem in product after purchasing, you need to be informed of following rules about back freight of guarantee(time calculating since the day of device being activated):

Note: The damage made by natural disasters(like lightning strike or chip’s burn out) is not under guarantee; If buyers insist asking us for maintain service, we have the rights to charge with the consideration of damaged condition.

Time within 7 days 7 days-1 month within 3 months 3 months-under guarantee
Return / guarantee Exchange Guarantee Guarantee Guarantee
Back freight paid by Seller Seller AA Buyer
Ⅳ、Special statement

1. Warranty service only apply to the product itself, the packages and accessories are not included.

2. Within 30 days, the performance issue of device should be tested by our company, once confirmed , our company will send you another same model product or repaired good ones. And the defective parts will belong to our company.

3. Please take your invoice and after sale card if you need after sale service, and if you can not provide above certification, the warranty time will be calculate from the date of manufacture.

4. The repaired products will add another 30 days warranty time. If you pay for the technical support, to the same performance issue, we will provide you three months warranty service for free since the day it has been repaired, please ask for maintenance certification and keep it.

5. The delivery cost of the repaired products should be paid by sender.

6. To the promises beyond the after-sale service which made by the dealers, our company take no responsibility.