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UniCam720°camera released – Example Videos,Pictures

Product News | 2017-07-31 6101

360 camera is really hotting up. So how do you define a 360 camera? In short, a 360 camera can create 360 video and imagery that will look as clear as possible on a VR headset or on a large screen. The camera will be able to shoot 360 images or video with a single shot without manually stitching several images together.

When you want to use a 360 camera, UniCam720° Panoramic camera maybe is what you want.

360 Photos

The UniCam720° camera uses two fish eye lenses to capture all 360 degrees of the environment, it then stitches these two images together to create a 360 degree image or video that you can look around. Here is an example of a 360 image that shows this issue. The image is generally well stitched together.

Shooting Options

OK, on to the important stuff . The UniCam720° camera has two video shooting options, all of which are accessible on the app. Each option results in a different size or type of video, they are as follows:

1. HD at 2560*1280 (stitched within camera)

2. SD at 1280*640

UniCam720° PhotoExamples

People have been crying out for an all in one 360 camera that can take high quality 360 photos. Most cameras have focused on video and left photos as an afterthought, but the UniCam720° changes all of that. It can shoot 2K quality 360 photos which is so much better than pretty much anything out there. Let’s take a look at the difference between a HD and SD photo.

What’s more, there are 4 model for viewing photos.

1. Asteroid model

2. Panoramic model

3. Fisheye model

4. VR model

The UniCam720° is available to order right now from

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