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Software Updates | 2017-07-03 13695

● How to view historical videos

 1) Drag the pointer left and right to move the timeline and play the current point of view of the time point, if the point in time without video, automatically jump to the right side of the last record content playback.

 2) Click to select date to view historical videos of previous dates.

● How to back to live video?

 Click live video, it will back to live video page。

● Where the alarm message is viewed

 Enter the device broadcast page click on the message button, there are new messages will be red dot tips.

● How to add a device

 Home - Top right "plus" - add device

 1) Select the device model and press to connect the device

 2) sweep the back of the device by sweeping the two-dimensional code

● Sweep why not use it

 Only support new equipment, please refer to the CID number.

 1) housekeeping king smart camera Wi-Fi version CID: 200000300000 later;

 2) housekeeping king intelligent camera panorama CID: 280000006500 later;

 3) housekeeping king intelligent camera 3G version CID: 300000009000 later;

 4) clang clang smart doorbell CID: 500000010000 later.

● How to add friends and relatives
 My friends and relatives - add friends and relatives

 1) manually enter the other party account (phone or mailbox)

 2) sweep the other two-dimensional code to add

 3) Add from address book

● How to share equipment
 I - share the device, choose to share the device (the same device to share up to 5 people)

● How to use “ My Favorite”

 "My Favorite " is version of the new section

 User collection of pictures will be saved here, record the daily life flow, keep the wonderful, collection of memories.

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