Q :What can I do about always receive misinformation picture ?

Please turn down the sensitivity in “Security Protection”, or set the “time quantum of alarming”

Q :How to open the video function ?

Firstly, you need to insert a usable SD card in the camera, then clickat the top right corner in the page of live camera, and find the “auto video” function to set as you like.

Q :How to export videos?

Install Clever Dog client in PC, take out SD card to connect PC by card reader. Then open the client, click "Manual" and choose "Export"---"Export video"---choose video---Right-click to export

Q :When I am at home, how can I close the function motion detection and alarm ?

Please click the picture of app cover, and select “At home” mode.

Note: the WiFi LED light will go out at “At home” mode.

Q :Why the app always reminds “The SD card need to format” when I insert the SD card.

Please try to format the SD card on PC.

Q :Why it reminds “Failed to add”or “no network”when I add the device ?

1. Firstly, Please check the router and network is normal. 

2.Then check that whether the WiFi LED light is bule flashing state. If the state is red flashing, please long press WiFi button until to bule flashing state(You may need to try sometimes).

3. Please check the WiFi password you has entered is correct.