Taking a Photo & Shoot a Video 

Q:How can we take a photo or shoot a video via panoramic cameras?

1、Use the camera/record button inUniCam 720 °interface after logging in Clever Dog APP;

2、Manually tap the camera/record button. Tapped for 1s, the camera will take photos and pressed for 2s, the camera will begin to record. And then pressing the button for 2s again, you can end the record.

Q:Can photos and videos taken by the panoramic camera be viewed on the computer?

Yes. Please use PotPlayer to viewthe video and photos on the computer.

Q:How to export photos and videos?

1) Please connect with the computer by attached USB transmission data line to export the photos and videos

Q:How to save photos and videos?

Duringtaking photos or recording videos, the camera will automatically save photos and videos in Micro SD card .

Q:Photos and Video Instruction(Why the camera takes a photo or records a videounsuccessfully?)

Please conducting a self-test of the cameraaccording the below advices.

Firstly, pleasecheck whether the Micro SD card has been inserted into the camera;

Secondly, please check the status of the Micro SD card in the APP;

Thirdly, please check whetherthe storage space of the Micro SD card is enough.

If your problem stillcouldnot besolved, please contact our customer service staff.

Q:Can videos recorded be shared?how?

The camera support sharing 8 seconds video.The operation method: In the video interface, please click ‘Share’ and then follow the guid of APP.

 SD Card 

Q:How many photos and videos can be saved in a 128GB Micro SD card?

Generally speaking, 128 G SD Card could save 1000min videos and 60000 photos.

Q:Why still cannot record video even if the Micro SD card has been inserted in the camera? (Which kind of card can beused?)

A slow Micro SD card may cannot be used to take photos and record video. To make sure that camera will work, please use the recommended SD card as below:

 The Statusof Indicator Lights  

Q:The Status of the Camera Indicator Lights


Q:How long can a battery of the 1900 mA last at outside?

The battery can last about 150 minutes. For theactual duration, please check the real usage time.

Q:What’t the life-span of a battery? How many times can it be charged?

The built-in lithium battery of high quality can be charged and discharged for 500 times.

Q:What’s the efficiency of charging and how long will it take to be fully charged?

Please use the attached USB line andthe adaptor of 5V 1A to charge the camera. The charging time is about 2 hours (when the camera is fully charged, the blue charging light will always on).


Q:Why the cameracouldnot take photos or record video when it is connected to the computer by USB line?

When the camera is connected to the computer by USB data wire, the camera will enter into the U disk mode so that we can view,copy photos and videos stored in the camera. Under U disk mode, the camera couldnot take photos or record video.

Q:What’s the USB porttype?

The camera matchesMicro USB 2.0.

Q:Can I still surf the internet when my mobile phone is connected to the camera?

It depends on different mobile systems.

Android System: when the APP is connected to the mobile phone, it will occupy the Wi-Fi channel to control the camera function. If you couldnot surf the internet at this moment, please disconnect with the camera and reset the mobile data.

IOS System: your mobile phone will be accessible to the internet once you open the mobile data.

Q:How to use the VR mode?

In the preview interface of photos and videos in the APP, you can turn the preview mode into the VR mode and watch them after inserting your mobile phone into the VR Box.

Q:What’s the difference between the WiFi mode andtheLAN mode?

1、WiFi mode: users can view photos and videos remotely via the APP.

2、LAN mode: users can directly view photos and videos on APPwithout any Internet.

Q:What’s the longest distance between the camera and the mobile phone in the LAN mode?

It’s about 20 meters in theopen environment (the actual distance is depends on the surrounding environment.)

Q:Whyis the camera a little hot after being used for a while?

It’s normal that the camera will bea little hot after being used continuously. Please do not worry.

Q:Why is there a stiching line in the photos and videos?

1、Maybe it’s caused by stains on the lenses.Please wipethe lenses with a clean cloth before using them.

2、There might exist the difference of light between the two lenses, so that the stiching line is obvious.Please place the edge of the camera to the light source so as to keep light approximately similar between the two lenses.

Q:Why are the lenses so protruding?Will are they easily destroyed?

The lenses of the camera are all metal glass ones. The surface is hardened and waterproof so that the lenses is abrasionprevention.

Q:What’s the maximum working temperature for the camera?

The operationtemperature of the camera ranges from negative 10 to 60 degrees.

Q:How to reset Wi-Fi?

1、Please check whether the camera has power before resetting Wi-Fi;

2、If the camera is fully charged, tap theWi-Fi button for 1 second after power on the camera. When the WiFI Led flash blue LED, please reset the camera.

Q:Why does my cameraturn off automatically?

1、Please ensure that your camera is fully charged;

2、The camera will turn off within five minutes no operation under LAN mode.