Clever Dog Smart Camera 90°/120°®User Guide

1. Power on

2. App installation

a. Download and install by scanning the QR code at the bottom of package or in the camera.

b. You can search "Clever Dog" from Google play or App store to download and install.

3. Sign Up and Sign In

Open the client and click "New User" to register; if you had one, click "Login".

4. Add device

a. Enter into Homepage, click "+" and choose "Camera".

b. Check that whether the WiFi indicator light flickers in blue or not; if not, long press the WiFi button till it flickers in blue and click "Flickered in blue".

c. configure network

(1). Android phone: add the devices CID in "Nearby Devices" page.

Note: If no devices CID found when Android phones configuring network, please operate as the way as iPhone.

(2). iPhone: System settings —> click "WLAN" and choose  "DOG-******" to connect, enter the code 11111111; then back to the Client and click "Next"

Tips: It is normal that mobile phone networks will switch automatically.

d. Add successfully, start to use!

(1). Open the camera, then double click screen of phone to magnify / shrink the frames. Meanwhile, you can examine the frames by sliding to up / down / left / right.

(2). Screen shot: click the camera icon to take a screen shot.

5. Technical parameters