Clever Dog Panorama

New sense | New experience | New vision

The HD Camera can be installed upside down

Chang the angles manually, wide angle 165°.

165° HD Super wide angle of view makes everything under control

HD lens provides the 360 °view of wide-angle and wide-range to monitor and record the indoor and surroundings without dead corner

Motion detection, to guard all the time

The captured pics will be sent to cellphone for warning by motion detection

  ICR infrared filter auto-switch system

the real day&night monitoring

High degree of reduction and high fidelity of images with 24 hours monitoring


To communicate anywhere and anytime

With microphone and speaker inside, easy to realize remote 2-way-audio talk through cellphone. Home is close to you wherever you are

keep recording video without WIFI connection

Offline work is supported, the camera can keep recording and saving the video in SD card

  • Work offline

  • Local-storage

  • 128G Micro SD card

  • Continuously shoot