Clever Dog Smart Camera Outdoor®User Guide

1. Connect power

Please connect the camera to the power before use and refer to the following picture for connection.


(1). The camera only supports a frequency of 2.4 GHz(IEEE802.11 b/g/n).

(2). Please make sure that the router you use can connect to the external network, so you can access the camera in the extranet after the connection is successful.

2. Install APP

Scan the QR code to download the APP quickly or go to the App store Search “Clever Dog”from Google play or App store to download and install.

3. Registration and login in APP

Open the APP and click “New User”to register; if you had one, click “Login”

4. Add device

a. Enter into Homepage, click “+”and choose “Camera(Outdoor Version)”

b. Connection mode

(1). Wired connection

Please check whether camera and App connect with the same internet and the net led light.Select the device CID, and click "next".

(2). WiFi connection

a. If the indicator blue light is not flashing,please press the “set button”for 3 seconds until the indicator light starts to flash blue.

b. System settings —> click“WLAN”and choose “DOG-******”to connect, enter the code 11111111; then back to the Client and click “Next”.

c. Set WiFi

Note: The following problems may cause the camera to fail to network, it is recommended to avoid.

1). Check if the WiFi anti-rub network is turned on. This setting may cause the camera to not be connected properly.

2). Make sure the camera is connected to WiFi in the 2.4GHz band.

3). The camera does not support WPA2/WPA2 enterprise class WiFi for the moment.

4). It is recommended to connect to non-bridgeable WiFi.

5. Installation Instructions

a. Appearance

Tip: Please note that the number of times about the adjustment screw(the locking will wear out the joints)

b. Wall side mounted

c. Ceiling flip

d. Outdoor mast installation


1). The straps need to be purchased separately from original seller.

2). Please pay attention to waterproof measures for outdoor installation. The specific operation is showing in the figure.

3). Please pay attention to outdoor lightning protection.

6. Wiring instructions

a. Fit the red O ring in the net port seat. Tighten the 1, 2, 3 and 4 parts. Connect the power cord to the 5 power port.

b. Waterproof tape to remove back paper.

c. Tape wrapped from the end of the line, waterproof tape stretched after the stretch. The waterproof effect is the best.

d. The effect of wrapping waterproof tape.