Face Recognition Camera

Built-in leading face recognition algorithm, it can realizes face detection, face tracking, face comparison, face feature extraction, face recognition alarm and so on. Integrating with Cylan Cloud platform to access to video information, it can change massive video data to face information data, in order to enhance the face information data application in various industries.

  • Name: XXX
  • Customer: VIP
  • Visits: 3
  • Name: XXX
  • Customer: VIP
  • Visits: 7

Technical Ability


Data stream ①: face / time / first eigenvalue / basemap / live video stream (optional)

  • Face capture and tracking

    Face recognition camera can monitor all the face and sent real-time detection. In the monitoring area, it will automatically track the face, capture multi-angle face images, and compare to the high quality assessment to capture a clearest facial archive and identify.

  • Facial feature extraction and comparison

    Face recognition camera uses AI face visual recognition algorithm. The use of convolution neural network mechanism can quickly capture the face features and compare the face characteristics with the device’s or cloud server’s face database to prevent to upload junk data transmission, use cloud server data and computing performance.

  • Face attributes structure

    Face attributes such as gender, age, objects (glasses and masks), facial expressions and other structural identification to output face information flow (eigenvalue, base map, time information).

  • Push message

    push the judgment result of face recognition to agent’s third-party software; push the face information to the APP or the background.

  • Remote view

    Through the mobile APP can view all the terminal’s real-time screen remotely. When find exceptions, it can save screenshots.

  • Area detection

    Within the monitoring range of the equipment terminal, you can specify a small area to enable the detection alarm function.

  • Infrared night vision

    low illumination and wide dynamic, intelligent infrared night vision, less than 5lux automatically turn on the night vision (adjustable accuracy).



Intelligent shops and customers' statistics

Face recognition cameras used in stores. On the one hand , it can provide all the security sub-system HD, intelligent video surveillance equipment, video intelligent analysis technology to achieve remote patrol function. On the other hand, it can realize the image recognition and judgment of the monitoring video stream, including remote patrolling, face capture, shop flow statistics, customer VIP identification and so on, providing a visual, data - based sales reference for managers.

  • Accurate passenger flow statistical analysis
  • Members and repeat customers identification
  • Guest attribute analysis
  • Analysis of the hot area of the shop
  • Staff intelligent attendance
  • Remote intelligent and regular tour patrol

Vending machine face payment

Face capture machine to capture identification information + face recognition algorithm to determine the value of judgment + analysis to determine the way to push the payment software to achieve. Compared to the traditional password, documents, seals, keys and other identification methods compared to biometrics technology is extremely easy to forgery, security is not easy to stolen and carry "portable" anywhere convenience available in one.

  • Registered member (and VIP) identification
  • Staff container inspection, maintenance information registration

Public transportation statistics

Recognition statistics of getting on and off passengers by using face recognition camera can provide data support for bus operation and improve bus operation efficiency. According to passenger data and face data, can achieve:

  • total passenger flow statistics and passenger flow peak data statistics
  • Passenger flow data changes at each site

  • designated face searching
  • Specific screening of some passenger route

Smart face recognition for security

  • Black List Alarm:Set up a blacklist of faces to enable alarm mechanism.
  • 1: N or M: N specific face searching

Other intelligent systems

  • Opening Doors by Face Recognition
  • record attendance by face recognition!

Product Advantages

Rapid application

The device itself embedded face recognition algorithm, installation and commissioning can be used

Offline identification

Front-end identification and cloud identification combined with small in-band consumption Rapid response identification

Massive face library

Networking can share massive face library, support for big data face recognition call

Local face library

Support for local face store, set offline can be automatically identified

Matching degree

High-definition shot of the face capture machine to capture a clear image, the face to heavy processing, face recognition of 98%

Data encryption

Data communication using dynamic challenge secret, AES-128 professional encryption, message fingerprint encryption and triple DES to ensure data security

Hardware Specs

Type Specs AI人脸识别摄像机
Video Division rate MAX2560*1440@30FPS 1920*1080P 1920*1080P
Modification style H.264 H.264 H.264
Lens light F2.2 F1.8 F1.8
Lens angle 90°/60° 90°/60°/30° 90°/60°/30°
FLASH 32MB 256Mb/SPI flash 256Mb/SPI flash
SENSOR IMX323 CMOS1/2.9" OV4689 CMOS 1/3 OV4689 CMOS 1/3
Audio MIC Pickup distance>2m Single MIC Single MIC
SPEAKER Play distance>2m Support Support
Operating mode Full duplex Simplex / public version full duplex Simplex / public version full duplex
Interface / function Power Micro USB/5V1A DC12V/5V DC12V/5V
SD card Max128G Mini Card Embedded SD card slot maximum support 128G Embedded SD card slot maximum support 128G
Serial port / Serial port Serial port
Network port / RJ45+LED RJ45+LED
Infrared vision Infrared light F5/850nm/4PCS/90° F5/850nm Dot matrix lights/6PCS
Night vision range 3m 15m 15m
Photosensitive element 5±3Lux 5±3Lux 5±3Lux
IRCUT Aperture 20mm Screw hole spacing 20mm Screw hole spacing 20mm
WiFi Network standard IEEE802.11b/g/n IEEE802.11b/g/n IEEE802.11b/g/n
Working frequency 2.4G 2.4G 2.4G
Operating mode AP/STA AP/STA AP/STA
Working environment Temperature -10°~60° -10°~60° -10°~60°
Humidity ≤95° ≤95° ≤95°